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To create remarkable serviced camping expeditions that combine adventure and comfort. To provide professional travel and tour services that guarantee customer satisfaction and safety at all times.


Our vision is to continue to protect the wonders of the islands of Palawan and to closely work with the local community to serve tourists in the best way, while creating a good working environment for our employees.

Company Profile

Isla Expeditions is an eco - friendly local tour operator that specializes in serviced camping to destinations where beautiful islands and white sand beaches that are not commonly reached by tourists, local island tours, and activities. We will take you to the islands where dreams of being closest to nature will be experienced and respected. Isla Expeditions have the right people who are naturally courteous and who have a heartfelt understanding of excellent service.

Our team is composed of competent individuals with decades of navigating experience around the waters of Palawan that is part of the South China Sea (now known as the West Philippine Sea). Our team wishes to provide utmost customer service in the hospitality industry with meticulous standards, with mastery on the natural character of the wind Habagat (also known as Monsoon or Southwest Monsoon, the season is characterized by hot and humid weather, frequent heavy rainfall, and a prevailing wind from the West) and Amihan (also known as the Northeast Monsoon, that draws "cold, dry air"). The main indicator of the switch between Amihan and Habagat seasonal pattern is the switch in wind direction) and its significance towards the flow of water current that are vital aspects that require experience and careful thinking to make each tour a success. We have created an exciting array of trips drawn from experience that includes island hopping, cruising, serviced camping accommodation, picnics, snorkelling, amenities, meals and non- alcoholic beverages which are inclusive in your package; may it be a 3Days/2Nights, 4Days/3Nights, or a 5Days/4Nights expedition of your choice. Our expeditions benefit and involve the people of the local community by providing jobs to the support service crew. Contact our communication and booking outlets in El Nido to avail of our worthy packages to enjoy the natural beauty of the very promising Palawan.

Isla Expeditions is a service oriented tour company that capitalize on exceeding your expectations. Our tour packages are irresistible as we take you cruising and island hopping to the waters of Palawan, with an outstanding service crew always ready to serve you. We cruise and hop up to 15 islands of Palawan that are less travelled by a flock of tourists, where it is never crowded, where the beauty of nature is best experienced in the calm, relaxed atmosphere minus the hassle. Isla Expeditions aim to have a worry free travel expedition. We have put together a unique Palawan expedition itinerary that is a combination of the thrill of active adventure with learning and genuine cultural relationship in the most spectacular locations. These all-inclusive trip itineraries showcase the best, giving you the optimal amount of time to enjoy. Isla Expeditions also offers local tours and activities. Book a trip now, Isla Expeditions. We take you there.

Camping Accommodation

Our campsite at Ginto Island in Linapacan has a main cottage. On the beach are comfortable native hammocks and beach beds. At night, we set up transparent sleep pods so that you can enjoy the majestic night sky as you fall asleep to the sound of waves meeting the shore.

Comfort is very important to us. Fresh water is available for washing. There are modern toilets and wash areas.

Full Board Meals

Our kitchen serves Asian-Mediterranean dishes. We accommodate food preferences, such as vegetarian and any personal diet-related requests. Tour
packages also include non-alcoholic drinks.

Boat Feature

Get on board our banca, an outrigger boat of local design that is ideal for exploring the islands of the Philippines. We dock at El Nido or Coron. To explore the islands, we drop anchor at select spots so as not to disturb coral life. The guests get off the boat and get to the islands on smaller bancas, on kayaks, or by swimming.

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