Explore Palawan
on our serviced
camping expeditions


Walk on the famous white sand beaches of north Palawan.
Swim in blue seas teeming with marine life. Enjoy nature away from other tourists,
as our experienced team of service professionals take care of you.

Where You’ll Go

Your serviced camping expedition to the Palawan islands will last at least 3 days. A banca – boat of local design – will bring
you to pristine islands. Kicking off from El Nido, you visit numerous islands during the day and return to camp in the evening.
You either go onwards to Coron, or back to El Nido. Attendants will prepare your food and your sleeping quarters. You only
have to bring yourself, we take care of everything else.

Where You’ll Sleep

Most nights, you will sleep in our beautiful campsite on Ginto island in Linapacan. Constructed of bamboo and coconut tree leaves, the main cottage is an example of local architecture. Comfort is very important to us. There are modern toilets and wash areas. Fresh water is available for washing.

Rattan hammocks and wooden beds wait for you on the beach. Come nighttime, we set up transparent sleep pods so that you can enjoy the stars as you fall asleep to the sound of waves on the shore.

How You’ll Eat

We pride ourselves in our cooking. On our serviced camping expeditions, you will travel with a personal chef. Our menu changes with what we find in the market, but we often prepare Asian-Mediterranean dishes. We accommodate food preferences, such as requests for vegetarian meals. Non-alcoholic drinks are included in your expedition package.

Ready to explore Palawan
on our serviced camping expeditions?